What can you do if the connection is interrupted again and again?

Under certain circumstances, the connection between the player and Bluetooth headsets may be interrupted.

In this case, the complete transmission between the two devices is turned off, thus

  •     No audio signal is transmitted from the player to the headphone (headphone is muted),
  •     No microphone signal is transmitted from the headphone to the player, and
  •     No signals from the remote control can be transmitted from the headphone to the player.

There are a number of causes that cause this:

Wifi routers or repeaters

Since routers and repeaters transmit in the same frequency band which is also used by Bluetooth strong Wifi signals (including, for example, from neighboring dwellings) can result in a restricted connection security and thus to disconnections.

Microwave Ovens

The microwaves used for heating food can adversely affect the reliability of the connection.

Larger metal surfaces

Metal surfaces can reflect Bluetooth signals. In a room with many, and particularly large metal surfaces, this can lead to reduced signal quality and thus to breaks.

Objects that contain water

Since Bluetooth signals are strongly attenuated by objects that contain water, this can also lead to connection breaks. The most common object in this sense is he human body itself.

Practical tips

  • If you are using WLAN routers and repeaters in your environment, turn them off. If the WLAN signals come from your environment (e.g. from neighboring apartment), increase the distance. Unfortunately, there are no further possibilities of influence.
  • Verify if the use of a microwave oven is causing the connection breaks.
  • Remove the player and headphones from the proximity of larger metal surfaces. (A common mistake is, for example, that the playback device is laid on a metal surface, for example, a metal bedside table). Also simply flipping over the playback device, can provide remedy.
  • Make sure that there are no objects containing water between the headphone and the player. This means, in particular, that no (parts of) human bodies should obstruct the "sight" between both devices. The position of the antennas of both devices (which is unfortunately invisible to the user) is crucial. With Byron BT and BTA, the antennas are built directly into the cable remote control, which is the reason why this very case of obstruction is present. Also, the removal of the player from the immediate proximity of the body (for example, from the trouser pocket to the jacket pocket) can help. Also, consider that environments with many people (e.g., a filled bus) can be unfavorable in this respect, too. and thus a potential source of errors.

Naturally, in practice, several of the potential sources of error often meet, so you can only find out by trying where the problem is.

In some cases, performing a reset to the factory defaults and unpairing the headphone from the player and then re-pairing them can result in an improvement.

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