What does the Hi–Res Audio logo mean?

As a seal of quality, the Hi–Res Audio logo stands for high–resolution audio reproduction, and is assigned by the Japan Audio Society.

Products approved for bearing the Hi–Res Audio logo are able to handle Hi–Res files without quality loss, and have to fulfill strict requirements:

  • The analogue frequency response of headphones and amplifiers must be at least 40 kHz.
  • Digital devices, e.g. D/A converters, must be able to handle a resolution of at least 96 kHz/24 Bit.

Due to these high standards, Hi–Res Audio devices guarantee that the quality of CDs or compressed MP3 files is exceeded by far, and that the entire detail richness of the music becomes audible.

This is how the musical experience comes as close as possible to the original recording in the studio.

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