Which Android versions support the functions of the MIY app?

Note for Android users:

This MIY version includes the Quick Setup with sound personalization based on statistical data. This way, you can discover a completely new sound experience, giving you a foretaste of the full personalization.

Currently, we offer the following version in the Google Play Store:

  • MIY app for Android 7 including sound personalization based on statistical data, tracking of personal hearing habits, settings of the touch pad

With the future optimized version, the hearing test of 6 minutes will be implemented in order for you to create your personal sound profile and save it onto the headphones. The update of the MIY app can be downloaded easily on your smartphone once it is available.

End of January 2018 at the latest, the MIY app will be available for Android 6 and 8 in the Google Play Store and support all app versions in their full range of functions regarding the individual hearing test.

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