Why is the old Chameleon software still displayed after an update?

It can happen that when there is repeated access via the network, the website of the Chameleon software is loaded from the browser cache. To force the website to reload completely, you should generally clear the browser cache after upgrading the firmware of the receiver. The procedure for doing this differs depending on your browser:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Tools -->
 Internet options --> Browsing history --> Delete

Mozilla Firefox Version 20:
--> Advanced Network --> 
Cached Web Content --> Clear Now

Google Chrome Version 26:
Customise and control Google Chrome (top right corner next to the address bar) --> Clear --> 
browsing data

Safari up to Version 6:
Safari --> settings --> Empty Cache

Safari Version 6:
Safari settings --> Go to ADVANCED --> Set the check mark for "Show Develop menu in menu bar" -->  Select Develop in the menu --> Empty Caches

Opera Version 10:
Tools menu  --> Delete Private Data

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