How can I return my order from outside Germany?


      1. Complete the cancellation form online. The attachment to your order confirmation also contains a PDF document that you can print out and complete.
      2. When you send the form that has been completed online, our system automatically sends you an e-mail. Please print this out.
      3. Place the return item in its original packaging and the printed e-mail into a mailing box.
      4. Address the mailing box to:

        beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
        Shipping Center Talheim
        Schmalzberg 11
        74388 Talheim, Germany

        When doing so, please ensure that the label that we used to send you your order can no longer be seen.

      5. You will receive your replacement within four weeks of sending the package. Processing may also be faster in many cases

The costs for returns outside of Germany must be borne by the sender.

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