What makes the T 1 and T 5 p top-of-the-range models stand out?

The finest materials are used for the T 1 and T 5 p models. For example, the headband pad of both models and the ear cushions of the T 5 p are made of top quality real sheepskin leather. All surfaces have a very elaborate and high-quality design. Both models use sound transducers with Tesla technology and all positive associated features. Only the T 1 and T 5 p have tilted sound transducers, which help to externalize the sound quality produced – the soundscape is therefore better externalized outside the head. The accessories are of extremely high quality: For instance, an aluminium transport box is included in the delivery of both models. In addition, both models come with a certificate of authenticity. We offer a 5-year guarantee on the T 1 and T 5 p.

(These answer refers to  the T 1 of 1. Generation, article # 713805)

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