What changes have been made to the M 88 over the years?

Besides the name, surprisingly little has changed! When it was launched in 1962, it was completely matt silver chrome-plated, had a DIN output plug and was called "BEYER M 88N". 

Its shaft was then black chrome plated, there were subsequently versions with Tuchel and XLR plugs ("BEYER DYNAMIC-", later "beyerdynamic M 88N(T)" (Tuchel) and "M 88N(C)"("Cannon", the inventor of the XLR plug)).

The first TG microphone series was introduced to the market at the end of the 1980s. As part of this, the previous multi-layer, fine-meshed basket was replaced by a mechanically more stable, coarse-meshed black basket with foam pop filter – the "M 88 TG" was born. It was offered alongside the previous "M 88N(C)" for a few years; the DIN and Tuchel versions were discontinued.

At the turn of the millennium, there was an "M 88 Classic" variant that was limited to 1,000 units and which from a technical perspective was practically identical to the "M 88 TG". However, it was matt silver chrome-plated and had a modified plug sleeve that no longer projected out over the microphone shaft.

Mechanically, this is the current incarnation of the "M 88 TG" but is currently coated black.

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