When are headphones suitable for mobile use? When are they not?

Whether or not headphones are suitable for mobile use depends primarily on two factors:

On the one hand, the impedance of the headphones is crucial. If headphones have a high impedance, they are not suitable for use on a mobile player such as a smartphone or a tablet, as only very quiet playback will be possible. However, for headphones with a low impedance, the volume is adequate.

On the other hand, the design of the headphones also influences their suitability for mobile use. A closed design is recommended for this purpose, as this shields unwanted ambient noise. At the same time, the sound from the headphones cannot escape, which means that people nearby (on public transport, for example) are not disturbed by you enjoying your music. In contrast, open or semi-open headphones do not fulfil this requirement.

From a rather subjective perspective, factors such as the weight of the headphones or the length of the connection cable can also play a role. However, these factors do not restrict suitability for this purpose from a technical perspective and are exclusively a matter of individual preference.

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