Which basic headphones are most similar to the MMX 300?

Our DT 770 Pro headphones in the 32 Ohm version come closest to the MMX 300. (The various DT 770 Pro versions do not have the same audio and electrical properties as the MMX 300.)

If you want to use the DT 770 Pro, 32 Ohms, for gaming applications, please note:

  1. Unlike the MMX 300, the DT 770 Pro, 32 Ohms, has artificial leather ear cushions. However, if you want the same velour ear cushions as on the MMX 300, our EDT 770 VB ear cushions are available as an acoustically and mechanically compatible spare part.
  2. The DT 770 Pro, 32 Ohms, has a 1.60 m cable, whereas the MMX 300 has a 3.0 m cable. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase an extension cable, if necessary.
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