What's the difference between the T 1 of 1. and 2. Generation?

With the T 1 (2. Generation) we have made a number of notable detail improvements compared to the primary T 1.

ModelT 1 (1. Generation)T 1 (2. Generation)
Article # 713805 718998
Sound Precise, balanced, neutral, spacious. Absolutely all positive qualities of  T 1 (1. Generation). Additionally a bit more even treble reproduction and broadrange slightly stronger bass response.

3.0 m, fixed. Zwillingsleitung. Electrically screened.
Connection plug on player side 6.35 mm.

3.0 m, detachable.
Textile-covered. Conductor material made from OCC 7N copper.
Electrically screened.
On headphones side 2 x 3.5 mm jack plugs. Connection plug on player side 3,5 mm jack with screwed-on 6.35 mm jack adaptor.
Ear cushions Velours, black. Particularly breathable velours out of hollow fibres. Filled with memory foam. Improved wearing comfort.
Headband cushion Genuine leather. Highest-grade synthetic leatherette with protein coating. Improved wearing comfort.
Case Aluminium box. Suitable for storage and showcasing of the headphones. Hard carry case coated with high-quality velours. More compact than aluminium box of 1. Generation. Suitable for storage, showcasing and transportation.
Balanced-mode use Not possible. Assembly of a different connector plug necessary. Possible with 4-pole balanced-mode XLR cable. Accessory part (article # 718912).


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