What's the difference between the T 5 p of 1. and 2. Generation?

With the T 5 p (2. Generation) we have made a number of notable detail improvements compared to the primary T 5 p.


T 5 p (1. Generation)

T 5 p (2. Generation)

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Precise, balanced, neutral, for a closed-back headphone very spacious.

Absolutely all positive qualities of  T 5 p (1. Generation). Additionally a bit more even treble reproduction and broadrange slightly stronger bass response. Even better spaciousness.


1.20 m, fixed. Twin-cable. Electrically screened.
Connection plug on player side 3.5 mm with plugged-on 6.35 mm jack adapter.

Additional 3.0 m extension cable.

1.40 m, detachable.*
Textile-covered. Conductor material made from OCC 7N copper.
Electrically screened.
On headphones side 2 x 3.5 mm jack plugs. Connection plug on player side 3.5 mm jack with plugged-on 6.35 mm jack adapter.

* additional cables available as accessory.

Ear cushions

Genuine leather with memory foam.

Highest-grade synthetic leatherette with protein coating. Filled with memory foam. Improved wearing comfort.

Headband cushion

Genuine leather.

Highest-grade synthetic leatherette with protein coating. Improved wearing comfort.


Aluminium box. Suitable for storage and showcasing of the headphones.
Additional drawstring bag made from velour.

Hard carry case coated with high-quality velour. More compact than aluminum box of 1. Generation. Suitable for storage, showcasing and transportation.

Balanced-mode use

Not possible. Assembly of a different connector plug necessary.

Possible with 4-pole balanced-mode XLR cable. Accessory part (article # 718912).

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