Can i connect my headworn-, lapel- or instrument microphone with 4pin mini-XLR plug directly to phantom power??

No, this does not work and can damage the microphone! For this application, a phantom power converter is mandatory!

Electret condenser microphone capsules (like in lapel- or headworn microphones) need some kind of a T-powering, a 1.5 - 9V DC supply via an unbalanced connection. This kind of powering is delivered for example by wireless beltpack transmitters or these "phantom power converters" (they convert phantom power into T-powering). For our electret mics with "Opus" pinout (and TA4F connector), this is CV 18, for mics with "TG" pin assignment, it is the MA-PVA.

In contrast to T-powering, phantom power is a 48V DC supply (+/- 4V) via a balanced connection. These two ways of powering are NOT compatible with each other!


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