What is this "Opus"- or "TG"-connection scheme?

These names describe the connection of microphones or adapter cables to beyerdynamic pocket transmitters.

For many years, we have used a 4pin mini-XLR connection for our beltpack transmitters: the male part in the beltpack, the female one at the cable. All pocket transmitters of the series "Opus 100 MkII", "Opus 300", "Opus 600", "Opus 800", "Opus 900" and "Opus 910" are based on the - so called - "Opus" connection scheme, according microphones also have the suffix "(Opus)".
With the invention of the TG 1000 series, we changed the electrical pin assignment of this connection. Compatible microphones carry the suffix "(TG)", the power button of these transmitters is grey (in contrast to black buttons in Opus transmitters).

"(Opus)" and "(TG)" microphones are NOT compatible with each other!

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