Android 6/7/8: How can I connect my headphones to the MIY app, and do the hearing test?

Below you will find our step-by-step guidance, from firmware update to the hearing test:


Updating the firmware of your headphones (Android 6 and Android 8 only)

For Android 7, a firmware update is not necessary, and you can skip the next steps

  1. Only for Aventho wireless: download the Firmware Update Tool for Windows 'beyerdfu[1].zip' (for download scroll down to end of article) and save on your Windows PC
  2. Extract (unpack) the file 'beyerdfu[1].zip' to a Windows folder
  3. Start the Firmware Update Tool 'beyerDfu.exe'. In case of a security message, just confirm this
  4. Connect the headphones with your Windows PC by using the supplied USB cable
  5. The headphones' LED is illuminated or blinking red.
    Rapidly push the button on your headphones twice, the LED turns off.
    The Firmware Update Tool indicates 'Headset "Aventho" connected'.
    Note: Installation of the DFU drivers can take a few seconds
  6. Click on "Download" to load the latest firmware down on you Aventho wireless.
    This will require an internet connection.
    The download progress is indicated by the green bar
  7. Under 'Console' you will see the new firmware version. In case the message 'Failed to connect to device' appears, this shall be ignored
  8. At the end of the download, 'Loading finished' is displayed, and the headphones' LED is illuminated or blinking red
  9. Detach the USB cable from the headphones as well as the Windows PC. Close the Firmware Update Tool
  10. Turn off the headphones: Hold down the button for 6 seconds


Connecting your headphones with your mobile phone for music listening

  1. When the headphones are turned off, hold down the button on the headphones for 6 seconds to start pairing mode (LED will flash blue and red)
  2. Temporarily turn off Bluetooth on all other devices, and turn on Bluetooth on your mobile only
  3. Within the Bluetooth menu of your mobile, select and pair the headphones appearing under 'Available Devices', the LED on the headphones will now illuminate blue every 7 seconds
  4. As per default, the headphones are connected for call and media audio within the Bluetooth settings. Press the gear-wheel symbol on the right for settings, and temporarily disable call audio for a correct hearing test functionality
  5. Check if music can be played by using the headphones


Installation of the MIY app

  1. Download and install the latest version of the beyerdynamic MIY app
  2. Make sure that GPS / Location is enabled in your mobile (system settings)


Bonding the MIY app with your headphones

  1. Make sure that the headphones are turned on and connected with your mobile phone (see above)
  2. Start the MIY app
  3. Confirm the note FIRMWARE UPDATE AVAILABLE with "OK"
  4. Grant the required location permission with "OK" and allow to access the device's location, so that the app can locate the nearby headphones
  5. On the CHOOSE HEADPHONE screen page, select the right headphones model and confirm with "CHOOSE"
  6. In the notification window CONNECTION, the bond state is initially shown as 'none'. If the headphones are not bonded automatically within a few seconds, press "bond now"
  7. The device will be initialized automatically within 30 seconds. In case of any problems, turn the headphones off (hold down the button on the headphones for 6 seconds) and on again (hold down the button for 2 seconds)
  8. Shortly after successful bonding, the battery status is shown beside the headphones' name at the bottom of the screen


Do the hearing test with the MIY app

  1. For the following steps, a continuous internet connection is required
  2. On the PROFILE screen page, go to "UPDATE YOUR SOUND PROFILE" to personalize your sound and to start the hearing test
  3. Allow MIY to record audio by selecting "ALLOW", so that the app can measure the ambient noise for preparation of the hearing test
  4. Follow the further instructions of the app
  5. If the message 'Something's gone wrong' appears, there is momentarily no connection to the Mimi webserver. In that case, check the internet connection or try again later.
    If the message repeatedly appears, it is recommended to uninstall the app, and download and install again (see above)
  6. When the hearing test is completed, the call audio functionality can be enabled within the mobile's Bluetooth settings
  7. Now Bluetooth can be turned on again on other devices, if applicable


In case of any problems, just send a mail to – thank you very much!


Download Firmware Update Tool for Windows:

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