How can I update the firmware of my Aventho wireless?

Firmware update for Aventho wireless (Windows PC required)

  1. Only for Aventho wireless: download the Firmware Update Tool for Windows 'beyerdfu[1].zip' (for download scroll down to end of article) and save on your Windows PC
  2. Extract (unpack) the file 'beyerdfu[1].zip' to a Windows folder
  3. Start the Firmware Update Tool 'beyerDfu.exe'. In case of a security message, just confirm this
  4. Connect the headphones with your Windows PC by using the supplied USB cable
  5. The headphones' LED is illuminated or blinking red.
    Rapidly push the button on your headphones twice, the LED turns off.
    The Firmware Update Tool indicates 'Headset "Aventho" connected'.
    Note: Installation of the DFU drivers can take a few seconds
  6. Click on "Download" to load the latest firmware down on you Aventho wireless.
    This will require an internet connection.
    The download progress is indicated by the green bar
  7. Under 'Console' you will see the new firmware version. In case the message 'Failed to connect to device' appears, this shall be ignored
  8. At the end of the download, 'Loading finished' is displayed, and the headphones' LED is illuminated or blinking red
  9. Detach the USB cable from the headphones as well as the Windows PC. Close the Firmware Update Tool
  10. Turn off the headphones: Hold down the button for 6 seconds


Download Firmware Update Tool for Windows:

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