Which audio sources do I need to use the TRACKING feature?

The TRACKING feature is available for any audio sources that are connected via Buetooth to Amiron wireless.

beyerdynamic's MIY App is only required to indicate the personal listening pattern with the TRACKING feature and make recommendations for healthy listening.

Amiron wireless can be connected in multi-point mode (see operating instructions) to a number of Bluetooth devices. The TRACKING feature can therefore be displayed via the smartphone and MIY App and the music listened to at the same time from a different Bluetooth audio device.

Note: When the headphone cable supplied is connected (e.g. when the battery is empty), the integrated signal processor that processes the TRACKING feature activates. Amiron wireless operates in this case as a conventional headphone without TRACKING. TRACKING is activated again automatically the next time the Bluetooth connection is enabled.

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