How does the personalised SOUND PROFILE feature in MIY App work?

Experience music in rich detail even at a lower volume or with ambient noise – so how is that possible?

We have developed a wireless headphone with integrated measurement technology in cooperation with Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH, which offers listeners the best possible individual sound regardless of the source.

The SOUND PROFILE and Mimi's sound personalization are the outcome of years of ongoing scientific research and patent-pending technologies which combined form the largest database on hearing worldwide. By the use of latest DSP technology (digital sound processing) in Amiron wireless a substantially enhanced functional range is allowed, which – in combination with Mimi’s technology – is not comparable any more with conventional equalizers.

The beyerdynamic MIY App (iOS and Android) plays a series of test tones over the Amiron wireless with different tone pitch and volume – separately in each case for left and right ear. The app utilises user controls to determine which tones are heard how loudly and from this generates the unique personal hearing profile – the SOUND PROFILE.

Mimi's technology simulates the signal processing, which happens in the human ear (especially within the Cochlea). In doing so, some information is emphasized in order to support the brain with discerning between different sound elements and processing those. Instead of adapting volume in a frequency-selective way, Mimi's sound personalization replicates proceses within the human ear, which decrease naturally over time and ensures a clear, full and high-contrast sound.

These sound portions can be regulated and intensified as required via the MIY App so that music can be experienced in rich detail even at a very low volume or with ambient noise.

The measured values of the SOUND PROFILE are transmitted from the MIY App to Amiron wireless and stored permanently in the headphone*. The headphone is now personalised and the personal sound is available as a result with every Bluetooth playback device used.

* Later creation and storage if a new SOUND PROFILE is of course possible without difficulty. By doing so existing SOUND PROFILE is then overwritten.

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