What can be done if the Bluetooth connection fails?

The connection between the playback device and the Bluetooth headset can be lost on occasion if:

  • An audio signal is no longer being transmitted from the playback device to the headset (headset is mute)
  • A microphone signal is no longer being transmitted from the headset to the playback device or
  • Remote control signals are no longer being transmitted from the headset to the playback device.


There are a number of reasons for this:


WLAN router or repeater

Because the router and repeater send in the same frequency band that is also used by Bluetooth, strong WLAN signals (incl. those from neighbouring apartments) can restrict the connection security and thus lead to the connection being lost.

Microwave devices

Microwave ovens used for heating food can also have a negative impact on the connection security.

Objects that contain water

Because Bluetooth signals can be attenuated intensely by objects that contain water, this can likewise lead to connection losses. The most frequent object in this sense is the human body itself.

Large reinforced concrete or metal surfaces

Reinforced concrete or metal surfaces can reflect Bluetooth signals. This can restrict the signal quality in a room with lots of large surface areas and result in connection losses.


Practical tips

  1. If you are using WLAN routers and repeaters in your vicinity, switch these off for test purposes. If the WLAN signals are coming from the environment (e.g. from neighbouring apartments), increase the distance to the interfering sources.
  2. Check if use of a microwave oven is causing the connection losses and increase the distance to the appliance if necessary.
  3. Remove the playback device and headset from the vicinity of large reinforced concrete or metal surfaces. If the playback device is lying on a metal surface, for example a metal table, simply turning the table – depending on the side the playback device is on – can help.
  4. If the connection line between the headset and the playback device is interrupted by body parts, try to move the playback device if possible to the right hand side of the body, since the Bluetooth receiver is located in the right-hand housing shell of the headset.

In some cases it can also help to reset to the default settings (see operating instructions) and disconnect the headset from the playback device and then connect it again.

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