How does the personalised TRACKING feature in MIY App work?

Enjoy music and healthy listening at the same time – how does that work?

Amiron wireless is fitted with the patented beyerdynamic EarPatron technology, which provides insight into daily listening habits.

Loud listening for a short time is possible in just the same way as quiet listening for a longer period. The headphone measures the period of listening at a specific volume and stores this measured value continuously. The measurement is taken for any and all audio sources that are connected to Amiron wireless via Bluetooth.

It is immaterial whether the headphone is switched off in between or connected to a different Bluetooth source.

The total daily portion of music can be retrieved from the headphone and visualised using the TRACKING feature in MIY App. MIY App indicates the portion of music as a percentage and gives recommendations for healthy listening habits.

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